Tips on Benefits, Goals and Fasting Regulations In the Month of #Ramadan. 106. #RamadanTips Taking
medicine by way of injection,
nasal sprays or eye drops does
not break the fast, as they are
not a form of eating [Sahih Al-
Bukhari]. 105. #RamadanTips Allah the
Most High says: “From amongst
my slaves, the quicker the one is
in the Saum (fasting), the
dearer is he to me” [Tirmidhi]. 104. #RamadanTips He, who
provides a fasting person with
something to break his fast, will
earn the same reward as the
person who has
fasted” (Tirmidhi). 103. #RamadanTips Eating can
be like fasting after fasting:
“The one who eats and is
grateful is like the one who
fasts and shows
endurance” (Tirmidhi). 102. #RamadanTips The word
‘Ramadan’ is derived from an
Arabic word called “Ramida” or
“Ar-Ramad”, denoting intense
heat, scorched ground and
shortness of rations. 101. #RamadanTips Islam
abolishes extremism. Eat a
healthy Suhoor, otherwise
fasting will be too difficult for
you. Do not be extreme. 100. #RamadanTips For having
small illnesses such as
headaches or stomach aches –
fasting is still compulsory. 99. #RamadanTips Abstaining
from false speech and actions is
vital in order for our fast to be
accepted. Fasting also helps us
achieve this. 98. #RamadanTips Another
benefit of fasting is to diminish
and decrease our desire. 97. #RamadanTips A benefit of
fasting is increase our will
power and determination. 96. #RamadanTips A benefit of
fasting is to acquire the right to
intercede. Fasting will intercede
for us on the Day of Judgement. 95. #RamadanTips A benefit of
fasting is for entering Jannah
because there’s a gate in
Paradise which none shall enter
except those who fasted. 94. #RamadanTips A benefit of
fasting is to acquire taqwa,
which is good-consciousness,
piety and righteousness. 93. #RamadanTips A benefit of
fasting is to ensure the
expiation of our sins. 92. #RamadanTips When
invited to eat reply to the
invitation. If you fast, invoke
Allah’s blessings (on your host),
& if you are not fasting then
eat. [Muslim] 91. #RamadanTips When
someone is rude to you during
fasting, say: “I am fasting, I am
fasting.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari] 90. #RamadanTips “Whoever
does not give up forged speech
and evil actions, Allah is not in
need of his leaving his food &
drink.” 89. #RamadanTips For old age,
or terminal illness, (thus they
cannot fast) he should give a
meal to a needy person for each
day he misses. 88. #RamadanTips Intention for
Ramadan fasting must be there.
Whoever has no intention to
fast before he does (night), his
fast is invalid. 87. #RamadanTips Fasting of
Ramadan is obligatory on every
sane, healthy, adult, Muslim
capable of fasting. 86. #RamadanTips Whoever
observes the fast of Ramadhan
out of belief & expects reward,
in the Hereafter, his past sins
would be forgiven. 85. #RamadanTips Fasting
makes man share suffering of
Brothers, expends in charity to
the poor and needy, trains us,
teaches us beauty too. 84. #RamadanTips It is unlawful
to observe fast of Eid al-Fitr, Eid
al-Adha, and the three days
following it (the days of
Tashriq.) 83. #RamadanTips Mondays &
Thursdays. These days man’s
deeds are displayed before
Allah, so, it is praiseworthy to
observe the fast then. 82. #RamadanTips Observing
White Days of fasting-13th, the
14th, and the 15th of every
month whose reward equals the
lifetime’s observance. 81. #RamadanTips Observing six
days in Shawwal. It is
preferable to observe them
consecutively after the Eid. 80. #RamadanTips Things To
Avoid in Ramadan: Lying, back-
biting, slandering, reviling, at
any time and especially in
Ramadan. 79. #RamadanTips Things To
Avoid in Ramadan: Excessive
gargling, sniffing water through
nose may invalidate fast so they
must be avoided. 78. #RamadanTips Eleven
rakaat (Taraweeh) after Isha is
Sunnah in Ramadan – If he does
it with Imaam until end, it’s like
he prayed all night. 77. #RamadanTips If somebody
verbally attacks you while
fasting, you should say “I am
fasting.” 76. #RamadanTips It is strongly
reccommended by the Prophet
to delay your Suhur (pre-dawn
meal) until just before dawn,
(S). 75. #RamadanTips If a person
sat between or above the thighs
of his wife and ejaculates, he
should make up for that day &
repent to Allaah. 74. #RamadanTips Things which
do not invalidate fast: Eye
drops, treatment of wounds. 73. #RamadanTips Things which
invalidate the fast: menstrual or
post-menstrual bleeding,
intravenous feeding, food,
drink. 72. #RamadanTips Things which
invalidate fast: vomiting,
masturbating, ejaculation as a
result of fondling with the wife,
willful cupping. 71. #RamadanTips He who
intends to observe fasting, then
falls unconscious, his fast is
nullified. He must make up
extra day after Ramadan. 70. #RamadanTips A traveling
person may or may not embrace
fasting while away from the
home. Yet it is strongly
recommend not to. 69. #RamadanTips Pregnant
and nursing women may not
fast if they are worried about
their health, yet must make up
the extra days. 68. #RamadanTips It is
permissible for a sick person
harmed by fasting to break his
fast and make up the extra
days. 67. #RamadanTips Menstruating
women and women in postnatal
period are prohibited from
fasting, yet they must make up
the days. 66. #RamadanTips ‘’None of you
should fast on a Friday unless he
fasts the day before or the day
after.’” (Narrated by al-
Bukhaari, 1849) 65. #RamadanTips The Prophet
(SAW) once fasted whilst on a
journey on a very hot day, and it
was so hot. [Bukhari, Volume 3,
Book 31] 64. #RamadanTips “The person
who gets discharge after
casting a look (on his wife)
should complete his
fast.” [Bukhari] 63. #RamadanTips In Wudhu,
sniff the water excessively,
EXCEPT in fasting. It could
nullify the fast. But water must
still touch nostrils. 62. #RamadanTips Using the
toothpick does not nullify the
fast at all, but it is only
encouraged. This is normally a
cultural belief. 61. #RamadanTips Prophet
SAW “If it were not to hard for
my Ummah, I would’ve made it
compulsory to use the toothpick
before every prayer.” 60. #RamadanTips “I swear by
Allaah … the breath of the
person who fasts, is more
sweeter to Allaah than the
scent of musk.” [Bukhari] 59. #RamadanTips “They spend
the last 12 days preparing for
Eid when these days are the
most important for worship.” –
Zakir Naik 58. #RamadanTips Common
errors: “Many Muslims spend
most of the night eating and
shopping and loitering.” – Zakir
Naik 57. #RamadanTips Common
errors: Women prepare a
variety of dishes for Iftarr, thus
making women spend more
time cooking instead of
Worship. 56. #RamadanTips “Common
errors: They give lavish Iftaar
meals, and spend excessively,
mainly to show off.” – Zakir
Naik 55. #RamadanTips Common
errors: There is a lot of wastage
of food. 54. #RamadanTips “Common
errors: Many Muslims do not give
Zakaat during Ramadan and do
not calculate this properly.” –
Zakir Naik 53. #RamadanTips Many
Muslims stay awake all night
and sleep the whole day. This
invalidates the fast and defeats
the purpose of it. 52. #RamadanTips “Those who
go for Iftaar in the mosque,
they socialise, which is totally
contrary to the Sunnah.” – Zakir
Naik 51. #RamadanTips “They eat
excessively upon breaking the
fast – all through the night. This
is a common error.” – Zakir
Naik 50. #RamadanTips They delay
opening their fast (Iftar)
“People will be good as long as
they hasten breaking their
Iftaar.” Prophet (PBUH) 49. #RamadanTips “Some skip
their Suhr. They have it earlir
instead. You should have it just
before the Fajr time – delay it.”
– Zakir Naik 48. #RamadanTips “The
moment Fajr Azaan starts, the
Suhr time ends. This normally
nullifies (cancels out) the fast. A
common error.” -Zakir Naik 47. #RamadanTips “The most
common error for fasting is that
they do not have the intention
for fasting – which is
obligatory.” Zakir Naik 46. #RamadanTips “They do not
read Qur’an or the authentic
hadith which is how they fall
into error during Ramadan.” –
Zakir Naik 45. #RamadanTips Man asked,
“What acts should I which will
take me to Paradise.” Prophet
(s) replied, “You fast, there is
nothing like it.” 44. #RamadanTips “Whoever
does not have his sins forgiven
in month of Ramadan it’s very
sad for him & he will not enter
Paradise” [Tirmidhi] 43. #RamadanTips Those who
cannot marry, shall fast, for it
will give them chaste and lower
sexual inhibitions and thus
avoid adultery. 42. #RamadanTips “Fasts for 1
day, Allah will make trench
between him & Hell whose
distance will be same as
distance between heaven &
earth” 41. #RamadanTips “Anyone
who fasts for one day, Allaah
will keep the Hell-Fire away
from that person for a distance
equal 70 years” Bukhari 40. #RamadanTips “When
you’re hungry, you don’t think of
doing other haraam things.
That’s why fasting is a shield.” –
Zakir Naik 39. #RamadanTips “Every deed
is between up to 700 times
reward. In Ramadan it is more
than 700 inshallah.” [Sahih
Muslim] 38. #RamadanTips Man asked
Prophet “Which deed can I do
which is very dear to Allaah?”
Prophet (s) replied, “You
fast.” [Sunan Al Nasai] 37. #RamadanTips Person can
eat in private. So truly fasting is
only for Allaah. “All acts of
worship are for [you], and
fasting is for Me.” 36. #RamadanTips Fasting acts
as intercession for you. Fasting
will say “This person left his
desires, so I will intercede for
him.” [Ahmad] 35. #RamadanTips “Anyone
who asks for forgiveness for a
sin, it is like he has not
committed the sin.” [Sunan Ibn
Maajah Vol.5 Hadith4250] 34. #RamadanTips “There are
many people who fast, but do
not achieve any reward except
for hunger.” [Sunan Ibn Maajah
Vol.3 Hadith1690] 33. #RamadanTips “Anyone
who does not leave his false
actions & false speech, Allaah
does not require him to leave
his food & drink” Bukhari 32. #RamadanTips “Our
intention for fasting should be
to seek the reward, forgiveness
and pleasure of Allaah.” – Zakir
Naik 31. #RamadanTips “If you obey
all the commandments of
Allaah, you’ll achieve the goal of
fasting.” – Zakir Naik 30. #RamadanTips “Associating
things to achieve fasting:
abstain from false actions,
speech and other haraam
things.” Zakir Naik 29. #RamadanTips “Abstaining
from food drink, sex is purpose
of fasting. But a associating
thing is abstaining from false
speech” Zakir Naik 28. #RamadanTips “The
objective of fasting is to acquire
good health. So vomiting &
eating junk food defeats
purpose of fasting.” Zakir Naik 27. #RamadanTips Prophet
(SAW) said: “He is not a believer
who eats his fill while his
neighbor remains hungry by his
side.” (Baihaqi) 26. #RamadanTips If you have
gotten into bad sleeping habits
throughout the year, start
readjusting now so you can
wake up for Fajr prayer. 25. #RamadanTips Shaytan
flows through us like blood.
Fasting narrows the passages
through which Shaytan flows, so
his influence grows less. 24. #RamadanTips When
fasting, if a person can give up
halal things he’ll be more likely
to give up haraam things for the
pleasure of Allaah 23. #RamadanTips For women,
fasting during Ramadan is 1/4
things which will lead Allaah to
say to her “Enter Paradise at
any gate you wish.” 22. #RamadanTips Most
offensive during Ramadan: 1.
Lie 2. Slander 3. Denouncing
someone behind his back 4. A
false oath 5. Greed. 21. #RamadanTips Fasting cures
many diseases including
jealousy, neglect, laziness, etc. 20. #RamadanTips “Whoever
fasts Ramadaan out of faith and
in the hope of reward, his
previous sins will be
forgiven.” (Bukhari & Muslim) 19. #RamadanTips Seek
forgiveness. Remember Allaah
says whoever is deprived of the
blessings of Ramadan, is truly
deprived. 18. #RamadanTips If you have
to go somewhere at a time
when you need to break your
fast, or you’re at work, take
some dates with you. 17. #RamadanTips During early
evening (after maghrib), have a
healthy balanced dinner. Do not
overeat & drink a few more
glasses of fluids. 16. #RamadanTips During the
hottest part of the day, stay in
cool areas (indoors or in shade)
and limit your physical activity.
Exercising while fasting kind of
defeats the purpose of the latter. 15. #RamadanTips Eating at
Suhoor time (during Fajr) is
essential because it keeps you
going throughout the whole
day, which makes fasting
easier. And the Prophet (S) warned us about being too
extreme. So eat something at
least. 14. #RamadnTips If you can’t
fast due to health problems you
can always help others break
theirs which also entails
reward. 13. #RamadanTips Zakir Naik
has some amazing full-length
feature videos regarding
Ramadan on You tube. 12. #RamadanTips If you’re
travelling, do not fast. 11. #RamadanTips My Dad
always saves time by the ‘clean-
as-you-go’ method – so by the
time you finish cooking, there
are probably some, if any,
dishes left. 10. #RamadanTips Do not cook
a huge range of dishes to break
your fast – it defeats the
purpose of fast. And do not
make the wife cook all the
time. 9. #RamadanTips Buy in huge
bulks, so that you don’t have to
keep going to the supermarket
every other day. 8. #RamadanTips Upon Sehr and
Iftar time, eating too much
food defeats the purpose of
fasting. 7. #RamadanTips Break your
fast with a date. (It’s Sunnah.) 6. #RamadanTips Allah is
readily open to accept all we
ask of Him. It’s only our own
loss that we lack in begging
Allah for things we need. 5. #RamadanTips The devil is
chained up during Ramadan,
but only for those who fast. 4. #RamadanTips Fasting really
tests our patience; to feel the
hunger and thirst. It should also
teach us gratitude and
humility. 3. #RamadanTips Helping
others to break their fast as
well entails great benefits. 2. #RamadanTips Since
Ramadan and Qur’an are closely
connected I will say that much
of our devotional life should be
focused on the Qur’an. 1. #RamadanTips Have a
monthly schedule. Read Qur’aan
regularly and try to always keep
yourself busy and you’ll find it
easier to fast.